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The Secret Law of Attraction

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? It is something being pushed in the new age realm that sounds awfully good on one level; however, it also seems to be a bit seductive – like the adulteress woman licking her lips:

Pro 7:10  And, behold, there met him a woman With the attire of a harlot, and wily of heart.
Pro 7:11  She is clamorous and wilful; Her feet abide not in her house:
Pro 7:12  Now she is in the streets, now in the broad places, And lieth in wait at every corner.
Pro 7:13  So she caught him, and kissed him, And with an impudent face she said unto him:
Pro 7:14  Sacrifices of peace-offerings are with me; This day have I paid my vows.
Pro 7:15  Therefore came I forth to meet thee, Diligently to seek thy face, and I have found thee.
Pro 7:16  I have spread my couch with carpets of tapestry, With striped cloths of the yarn of Egypt.
Pro 7:17  I have perfumed my bed With myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.
Pro 7:18  Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning; Let us solace ourselves with loves.
Pro 7:19  For the man is not at home; He is gone a long journey:
Pro 7:20  He hath taken a bag of money with him; He will come home at the full moon.
Pro 7:21  With her much fair speech she causeth him to yield; With the flattering of her lips she forceth him along.
Pro 7:22  He goeth after her straightway, As an ox goeth to the slaughter, Or as one in fetters to the correction of the fool;
Pro 7:23  Till an arrow strike through his liver; As a bird hasteth to the snare, And knoweth not that it is for his life.
Pro 7:24  Now therefore, my sons, hearken unto me, And attend to the words of my mouth.
Pro 7:25  Let not thy heart decline to her ways; Go not astray in her paths.
Pro 7:26  For she hath cast down many wounded: Yea, all her slain are a mighty host.
Pro 7:27  Her house is the way to Sheol, Going down to the chambers of death.

I can say that the “Law of Attraction” does seem to be in effect in my own life, as there have been many things that have happened that would seem to fit in line with what is being peddled by this oh so clever marketing.  Deep down inside, I guess many of us have places that secretly desire to get that which we haven’t worked for.

Do we recall the S and L fun of the 80s? How about Adjustable Rate Mortgages? Something for nuthin. Accepting a credit card with high interest rates so you can be cool and have a “real” credit card?

To be fair, I have had things happen where I issued a prayer and then “let it go” and a couple days later or in some cases -years later, the prayer would in fact be answered.  It has been things as simple as a button for my shorts, my missing wedding ring, my wife, and even a job. However, in many cases I did have to work still. The law of attraction would not work for some guy showing up with a million dollars on your door step I think. You still would have to work… otherwise I suspect that the payoff may be at another time.

This may be coupled with the idea of Abraham being counted as righteous for believing God – after he put is son up for sacrifice. The action followed the intent it seems.
Peddlers of the law of attraction imply that Physics professor John Hagelin is a teacher of The Law of Attraction.

“A scientific basis exists for the ideas in “The Secret” but was simplified for the masses, counters John Hagelin, a professor of physics at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield who is featured in the DVD.Hagelin said his research has shown that thoughts can affect the physical environment,but advanced training in mind techniques is needed. Advanced practitioners of Transcendental Meditation are currently involved in mass meditation in Fairfield to create world peace. ‘The Secret’ sells because people don’t have to do anything,” Hagelin said. “They just have to want a necklace and it will come to them. But so weak an influence is working at the time that they are better off getting a job and buying a necklace.”

Clever marketing gimmick?

Good Karma Article

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

I loved this article by Peggy Jentoft (link below):

Everyone undergoes suffering of some kind in their lives, Spiritual people including Healers are not exempt from this process. Many people these days come from dysfunctional families or have a lot of pain in their lives which leads to many questions about their experiences and how they can work through them.

We choose our life companions before we are born, on the basis of our mutual 6th aura level. Which is tremendously different than the first three levels we deal with while incarnate. The sixth level is a highly spiritual and intuitive plane.

To be healers in the best sense it is important that we understand suffering and learn to heal from the inside out. and develop genuine compassion for all being kind. and for that reason we choose these experiences. We may also choose these experiences in order to help others or to guide and change society.

A primary cause of suffering is the inability to forgive and to love ourselves, we draw experiences to ourselves in an effort at redemption (this is re multiple lives) A Most important lesson of Karma is that punishment is not essential or needed at all it is harmful to self. Judge not applies to self. those are some possible causes for drawing these events into our lives.

We can choose to expiate negative Karma by making positive causes for ourselves by being Healers and teachers or just by being kind and loving and working at becoming wise.

It is important to recognize our feelings about our painful experiences it is even more important to FEEL our feelings, much of the ongoing pain is because we have attempted not to feel the pain and anger. When we have felt the pain, the anger, the hurt, perhaps the pride in our differentness and suffering that we can let it go. LET IT GO. Feel it, release it and move on.

When you forgive you are not required to block your memories and pretend that the injuries never happened, what the act of forgiving and releasing within yourself does is to dissolve the cords that keep you in that energy of suffering, hooked to the past and dragging it along with you.

However deeply a person has buried the diamond light of divinity in mud, it is within them, as it is within you. To recognize that light within yourself and within those who have hurt you is to free yourself from the need to repeat this experience. The only genuine and beneficial revenge is in becoming truly happy.

If you cannot forgive that is fine, you can work at wanting to forgive and in that I do not mean making it O.K. but making it have no energy in your life so that it is not an issue to you anymore.

Become alive and glorious and full of joy in the life that you have now. whatever has happened in the past you have survived you have triumphed in, you are Alive and Free now.

When you recall a moment of pain from the past mentally return in your Present body to that moment and tell the child that you were then that you have survived and that it is time for that part of you to come forward into the present and rejoin the whole. see your current world from that child’s viewpoint and realize what wonders you have now.

When you have released the energies that hold you in the pain you will be free of that relationship and filled with compassion for those people who have not yet found peace.

That does not mean to say that you must Forgive and love unconditionally those who have hurt and harmed you. However, acknowledge that deep inside they may have a Buddha nature that is the potential for enlightenment even if we can not see it.

What I am saying is that any wound that is being continually reopened and picked on will not heal and will become putrid and infected. You owe it to yourself to work on healing your wounds. A spiritual gangrene of the heart will destroy you as effectively as gangrene of the body destroys the flesh. This does apply to these emotional abuse wounds as well as to all others.

Unconditional Love starts with loving the self. Happiness begins with appreciation I mean appreciating what you have and know now. Looking for the joy of the moments passing now reaching out for moments of joy and pleasure. As long as you are alive, life can get better but you have to make that happen by your own energy.

‘As long as you define yourself in terms of your past suffering, you remain in pain in the present.’

One of the things I have learned is that there is always someone who’s life makes your hard times look like heaven and that there are always ways to find the joy and ecstasy in the mere fact of being alive if you look for it.

That life all life any life is precious and beautiful and yes we chose the life we have tortured, abused, starved, neglected, whatever, is preferable to not having a life and body at all.

We are here because we wanted to be. We won the spiritual lottery in order to get here now and take part in these glorious times of transformation we incarnate beings are the few the proud the lucky. Whatever the outward appearance of our lives may be and whatever the past pain we need to get on with our own lives now.

‘I am responsible for creating my own happiness Whatever has happened to me in the past I am in charge of how I live and feel Now’

By-Peggy Jentoft

Spiritual Laws

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Still learning the spiritual laws that govern how this place works. I’ve got some pretty convincing evidence – at least for myself – that the law of Karma is very real. The law of Octaves was verified by quitting smoking. What else though? Still learning. I’ve got to learn this stuff to save my marriage and my family. Learning as fast as I can!

Law of Grace

Law of Karma

Law of Octaves

Law of Recurrence

Law of Destiny


Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Had an interesting thought pop into my head yesterday  evening.
The Ark of the Covenant had a mercy seat on top, under which sat the stone tablets of the law. The Mosaic Covenant written into the stone tablets. Don’t do all of these things. The Renewed Covenant…. seems to focus quite a bit on forgiveness.

A thought came to me…. the Renewed Covenant may sit on top of the new Old Covenant (the law). Forgiveness over Law. Seems to be consistent with most of Jesus’ message.

King David got busted up by the prophet Nathan for adultery with Bethsheba. Nathan said something like hey there is this guy who stole some farmer’s last ewe. David responds – the farmer should pay back four fold and give up his life. That was the same justice that was delivered to David. 4 of his kids wound up dying. He didn’t have to give up his life though. What’s up with that? As King, He did repent and appealed to a higher authority, namely YHWH.

This pattern seems to be consistent with a lot of Jesus’ message. Focus on yourself before running around pointing out sin in everyone else’s life – be forgiving, etc.  At the same time though, if your brother… key word .. brother .. meaning you have a relationship with the person that is sinning, then go to him and help him in the right direction if you can. If he won’t listen, then take another brother. If still, then take the entire assembly. If still, then cast Him out. Let the devil deal with him so that he may be saved.

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