Lucid Dreaming – Vitamins Part 2

I’ve been doing more experimenting with lucid dreaming. Using galantamine, choline, etc. as suggested in the book advanced lucid dreaming: the power of supplements. I’ve had many successful lucid dreams over the last year and have been trying to tune this myself. This may not work for you  ;)  – the methodology and trial and error is what is important I think.

Wake up about 5:30 AM. Take the medley, stir around for a bit to make sure I’m good and awake and not groggy. Get back to bed. Temperature is nice and warm like sitting cozy by a fire.

I started seeing pre-dream imagery and was still conscious. Eventually I faded and found myself approaching the end of a long drive way which is my grandfather’s. Some relatives are there and I realize  I’m dreaming. I speculate about parallel dimensions for a second. Fade……. I am in another scene this time going on the dream – it is vivid, but not quite lucid. My kids are sliding down an icecube slide. I have an uncle of mine there. His hair is unusually grey/white. He looks happy, but old. Very old. It has only been a year since I saw him last. The divorce has really torn him down.

Fade…… I get sucked down into some kind of tunnel. I felt pressures all over my whole body, it went dark, vision faded, and I thought to myself – great – I’m returning back to an awakened state. At some points I felt like I was compressed into a “point” if that makes sense.  I was a bit frustrated by this turn of events, but was glad I got to experience the tunnel effect. I had experienced it going “outbound” into dream state, but never inbound to waking awareness before. I was sort of hoping I might be being taken to the “kingdom of God” for a nice little 5dimensional review of my life maybe. Maybe I can’t handle it just yet. I say some prayers and ask for this. Not this time apparently. I awaken in bed, but it is not my bed in this realm. It is different. I look around and look at my toes. Vision fades in and out. I know that I’m probably strattling the edge of being “awake” an dreaming and so I I try some exercises to maintain consciousness. I try the lucid dreaming “spin” technique and then I tried looking at my hands. I see my hands. Yay! They are faded sort of. Vision comes back in – yay the signal to noise ratio is corrected! I walk around the dream setting. I see some of my art on a wall. The area is like a wooden automative shop that I’ve turned into a house or apartment somehow. I look around at the refrigerator and I think well, I better leave this duct tape in the fridge as a reminder to myself that I’m dreaming just in case. I’m not sure what I was thinking with that plan or where the duct tape came from. Consciousness starts to fade so I grab some ice out of the fridge and touch it to my skin. Brrrrrrr.. that’ll wake you up! I go to look in a mirror. It is my current waking life body, but my beard is gone. I turn around and look into another mirror and my beard is back. I think okay, let’s get out of here. Time to try out flying. I look for the exit and find it. I find myself outside and my vision starts to fade again. I notice some color from the trees and focus on that and the sunlight. It brings the vision back after about 10-15 seconds.

I look around at the neighborhood. Trees, some victorian homes, it is in a modern city from this time frame judging by the cars, but I don’t recognize the city. I say to myself – “let’s freak out the locals and fly”. I head to the street – vision fades again. Dang! I focus on the green from the trees and the light from the sun again. I flap my arms just once with a mighty push off and I find myself weightless and soaring through the air. Vision returns. I think to myself – perhaps I should engage my walk-through-walls powers in case I fall down and get hit by a car.

My son kicks my leg – I feel my consciousness becoming “split”. I feel my body laying there in bed and flying at the same time. Vision fades fast. I wake up. Wow.

It feels like trying to control a gigantic balloon at this point. Once I become aware that I’m dreaming, it tends to fade in and out.

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