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Flying Circus

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

So… I had joked around about this awhile back, that is putting chips in one’s head to access the Internet, global encylopedia’s of knowledge, etc.  I said I would wait until version 2.1 to get my brain implant to work out all the bugs… well in this case, I guess it is helping folks, but I can’t  help but wonder what the “they” will think up next such as wireless embedded Internet chips that bypass your visual cortex and show real time sports scores or something. Let’s think about this in practice though…

Bob, hold on a second I’ve gotta reboot my brain implant….blank stare. Spaces out. Starts dancing like Bettie Boop.

Okay, now what were you saying?

Based on the article, it looks like we’re only another 50 years off maybe, eh? What messed with me though is – we’ve already got chips in the head, but we still don’t have flying cars. I’ve always wanted a flying car. Vroom. It has been promised for over 50 years now, and we still don’t have flyin cars. Dang. Someday, at least, we’ll be able to browse the Internet wirelessly through brain implants.. this could bare startling implications for the mark of the beast folks.

Football… dang!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Thought this was sort of an interesting comment from a forum I read the other day…. enjoy.

Which brings up a good point. If Jesus had been able
to live for another 30 years on planet earth he
probably would have ended up having 20 kids of his
own. Now those would have been some good gospels to
read about. Could you imagine that? I would have
loved to have seen Jesus in a parenting role. Just
imagine being 10 years old and your dad is Jesus. You
wouldn’t be able to get away with nothing. No
throwing rocks, no beebee gun fights, no tackle
football. Dang.

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