Doobie Brothers Jokes

I liked this:

“Fear is the lock and laughter is they key to you heart”.

Knowing that within us is a multitude! We are many within!  I am Legion, etc. There are parts of us that when backed into a corner will become “evil”. There are parts that are happy. The idea is to recongize this fact and attempt to love the entirety of you and try to bring these other parts of you forward into wholeness and completion.

I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve woken up and found myself in a sad or alone mood considering all that is going on in my family at present   I had recently learned that you can’t “negate the negative” of our emotions. You have to feel them, yet somehow not allow the victim part of our mind to take over and go into “race mind”.

I’ve found one solution is to tell that victim part of me a joke. That seems to help that part of me not take itself so seriously and bring itself forward.

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