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The Hiram Key

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

I recently read the book, The Hiram Key. It was a fairly addictive book and had lots of little interesting historical data points. All was going along good until about Ch 12. The guys started making some pretty wild guesses and then asserting on what Jesus did or did not believe about his mission. Sadly, they really didn’t cite a whole lot of sources for these assertions. What I found ironic was that at the start of the book, they didn’t want get into a situation of not considering both sides of an issue or being lead down a path erroneously.

They ultimately connected quite a bit of history – though some of it did feel a bit loose.

For starters, they cited Henry Ford as saying History is Bunk. Apparently, there is more to that quote – even though what Ford states is probably true.

What I did find interesting was the connection they attempted to establish between the Jerusalem church and James vs. the Roman church. Though they didn’t cite a whole lot, I think most of this was based on a guy named Allegro.

If they had done a better job of citing sources and not introducing assertions on what various historical characters believed or did not without any support, then I think it would have been a better book.

Overall I would say that the book was worth reading, but many of the conclusions seemed a bit off.

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