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Rabbid Weight Loss

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

I have been working out off and on for about a month or so. I wanted to note the following as I proceed to the next phase of my goals – one of which is to lose weight and increase muscle and have a body like Van Damme by time I am 33. I am 31 now. Good luck with that you arrogant son of a gun… 🙂

Where am I today?

I adjusted a vegetarian diet back in May of 08. Back then I weighed about 210-215lbs. I call it a “fast” so I don’t freak people out. What do you mean you don’t want to eat dead animals? Is there something wrong with you? I could ask – have you ever looked one of these animals in the eyes as it was being killed? No? I didn’t think so – let me eat my rabbit food in peace please 🙂

I have been told my numerous individuals that I “look better” since doing the vegetarian thing; however, my weight is now come back up between 225-230lbs and I am not happy about this. 🙁

Digging far back into the ol’ mathematics memory bank, I decided that I needed to look at the body as a differential equation of sorts. It seems that relationships are much the same and I have noticed that many things in life tend to have analogies else where on how things really work behind the scenes. Relationship dynamics equations vs. body equations… perhaps similar to how there are equations in the electrical and mechanical world that are basically the same but just use different methods of representation… for example, a capacitor stores / dampens electrical energy and so does a compressed spring. You may remember physics from back in high-school that the equations for modeling eletrical and physical things are often very much the same even when looking at very different things. A spring and capacitor may be a  bad example, but I hope you get the point.

So, for some reason, ever since 3rd grade I have been over weight. I played outide, sports, worked, etc. yet was still overweight. I do know what started it – bologna sandwiches all summer long with a grandpa who thought I was starving even though mom fed us very balanced meals. Something then triggered either genetically or I somehow managed to reprogram my body to retain fat during that summer and it has been the same ever since. I am now 6 foot 1″ and am often referrred to as “big guy” due to the bulkiness of my muscles. Sheaaah.

Here we are though today. I look okay, but I’d like to improve the weight thing for health reasons and so that my wife will be irresistably drawn to my new van dam like appearance (yes tongue in cheek). Now don’t get me wrong, for the second time in my life – women are finding me attractive again. There seems to be some sweet spot right at about 220lbs where I start getting hit on. That’s not exactly what I want, but it does give the ego a little boost when I get down waiting on my beloved wife.

So… here is the goal, lose 30lbs by next summer. That means I need to somehow spend 105,000 calories by next summer if a pound of fat is 3500 cals. If I currently go with the 2200 calorie a day diet and shave off 1000 per day – that could put me at the desired loss in 100 days give or take provided that the burn rate remains constant. That’s the problem – the body adjusts as caloric intake is reduced. It’s all very simple actually – they teach stuff like this in engineering classes. Since the body then compensates by dropping the metabolic rate – perhaps there are ways to better lose weight than starving for a 100 days? You seeing some parallels with relationship dynamics yet? 🙂

Okay, is there another way? I’ve done the Atkins thing and it works for the first 20lbs or so until the body catches on. Ultimately, no matter what diet I try, or heck even since I have been exercising more and generally eating quite healthy – my body has still decided to convert bell peppers and brocoli into … fat. This may be analgous to the success with the marriage last year. There are still some underlying issues though that need to be solved. Time to break out the jack hammer and relay the foundation.

I suspect that what may be occurring is that due to the vegetarian thing, I probably had a loss in muscle – not that I had any muscle to start with other than being a big guy. This loss of muscle may have then allowed for less burning of energy maybe. In addition, my body was somehow reprogrammed to gain weight when I was a young man. It must be reprogrammed.

Firstly, to counteract the lack of protein – I started working out and ingesting something called whey protein. I’ve been told that I am looking thinner – though my weight does not reflect it. Did I somehow gain 15lbs of muscle over 5-6 months? I doubt it, though my strength did go up tremendously within the span of 2 months. I shall continue with this program; however, I need to make some adjustments.

I’m going to investigate the role of the thyroid gland in regulating weight gain / loss. I may look at extra iodine for the old’ thyroid.

I’m going to see about accupuncture treatment for weight loss. I had been doing accupuncture to help with my blood pressure. It concert with other holisitic healing thingies, it seems to have dropped my blood pressure by 30 points in about 3 weeks. Eat your heart out Dr. Jinx – Topral XL and Diovan is for the birds…. the body already had what it needed to drop the blood pressure and I hope the same is true because I really don’t want to starve myself for 100 days thus resulting in further lowering of my metabolic rate.

Beyond this, I’m going to see if I have any food allergies that may contribute to a lower metabolic rate.

That’s all for now. As of this writing I weight 230lbs. I would like to weigh about 200lbs. 215lbs seems to be my lower limit. I had gotten down to 205lbs at one point, but that was during the early stages of the divorce proceedings when I didn’t eat for like two months straight almost 🙂

Other things in the news… me and my mother in law have been doing Bible study together and she has been coaching me on a number of areas as far as better relating to women. Learning a lot still.

One effect is the emotional shutdown and clam up effect. I have known about this for about a year now, but unsure of how to deal with it. I’m still not sure if this is specific to women or not, but I’ll continue to investigate.

Blood Pressure Dropping Like A Rock

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Well, I am  still not sure whether this is due to accupuncture or just synergies of the other things I am doing, but my blood pressure has been dropping like a rock. I have been keeping fairly detailed notes and below is a summary of what was done.
I started the Edgar Cayce diet which consists of largely raw vegetables. I’ve been vegetarian for about 5 months now, but this part was changed by switching to raw vegetables and adjusting to the balancing of Alkalai vs. Acid as suggested by Edgar. By the way, Edgar died at a relatively young age. Sometimes the cobbler’s children have no shoes?

I ate only Spirulina and whey as part of a 4.5 day fast to clear out the intestines. This also had the various enema and colonic cleansing herbs added to the mix.

I kept up my usual pattern of walking about 3 times each week for about 40 minutes with 40lbs of weights strapped to me to generate a sweat.

I had my back and neck adjusted.

Performed accupressure using emotional freedom technique.

Performed visualization exercises in the spirit of the law of atttraction.

I have two or three people praying for my heart.

I have a back massager thingy that I rigged up.

I have taken supplemental herbs particularly something called Hawthorn. There is another story for this I’ll describe later.

I’ve had three accupuncture treatments.  I go in for the 4th this coming Friday.

My “Doctor” advised me that the accupuncture can sometimes act as a catalyst and probably what happend was that it provided the final intertia for massive changes in my blood pressure.

What I can say is that after quitting smoking – my blood pressure actually went up.At the highest it was 180 over 116 or so.

After two weeks of holistic treatment – this morning it was 122 over 80 and is continuuing to trend downward.

This is without heart medication.

I was previously on Topral XL (50 mG) and Diovan (300 mG).  This got it down to 150 over 90. Gee whiz. I gave up on heart meds and tried natural instead. Without heart meds I could literally “feel” my blood pressure in the top of my head and in my heart. I am a young man still. Not good.

Now I can feel it going down – I like this method better.  Your mileage may vary.

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