Fall Fast – Day 9

Pants are fitting loose now. I upped the dosage on my senna tea. It seems I have developed a bit of a conditioned response to the salt water flush. I get a heachache even thinking about it.

I found myself fighting off urges for “meat” for the first time in over 1.5 years. This was surprising.

I had a little cream of mushroom soup last night. I had a little bit of coconut milk based ice cream yesterday as well.  Took the kids to McDonalds and got them “veggie” burgers. I had to fight of the urge to get myself a “veggie” burger. They loved theirs. Told me how awesome it was. I had McDonald’s add extra cheese.

Weight is 210lbs give or take .5lbs.  That means probably about .5lb loss per day given that the first 5lbs was just emptying out the digestive tract. 5lbs of stuff being carried around in my digestive tract. Wow.  I guess I may make it 208-207lbs by Sunday at present rate.

Feeling mentally sharp still.

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