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The Walking Dead

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Luk 9:59 And he said unto another, `Be following me;’ and he said, `Sir, permit me, having gone away, first to bury my father;’
Luk 9:60 and Jesus said to him, `Suffer the dead to bury their own dead, and thou, having gone away, publish the reign of God.’
Luk 9:61 And another also said, `I will follow thee, sir, but first permit me to take leave of those in my house;’
Luk 9:62 and Jesus said unto him, `No one having put his hand on a plough, and looking back, is fit for the reign of God.’

I could try to turn this video into a bit of allegory. Perhaps there is a reason why this song was so popular.

Cool Sleep Thingy

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Gotta get me one of these babies:

As I try to work on this whole lucid dreaming thing, it may be helpful to have some understanding of when I enter various sleep cycles, etc.

I’m going to save up for this or get a bullet proof vest. Geez. Tough choice.

Lucid Dreams of a P.T. Cruiser

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Well, I’ve had two Lucid dreams now since the holidays have ended. These dreams were so real, well, I thought it was real in my dream, yet I knew I was dreaming. Very fun stuff and yes cheaper than a movie. The movie industry will now have to hire all kinds of lobbyists to keep this cat in the bag. Free entertainment using one’s mind – what a concept.

I’ve recorded some of the other details offline, but I thought that this may help others who would like to travel the inner recesses of their own mind.

I’ve been vegetarian for almost 8 or 9 months now, and I noticed that by switching to that there was a marked improvement in the number of synchronization type events in my life (read about Carl Jung on google to learn more). I had a lucid dream about a week ago on the Sabbath, but wasn’t sure what caused it or if I could duplicate it. The conditions were eating spinach the day before and not much else, staying up much later than my usual time (i go to bed around 9 usually – this time I went to bed around 1), woke up at around 7 or so and walked around, went back to bed and was very WARM and cozy under the covers. I felt almost lethargic it was so cozy. The heat was cranked up a bit too. I had listened to something called Centerpoint, which is a meditation / trance induction mental enhancement type music, daily each night before.

I simply repeated each of the steps above and whammmo lucid dream again. Previously, I could never quite narrow down what caused them other than being really tired. Now I think I’ve found a way to trick the body into being tired.

At this point one of them seems to be tied to reality somehow, the reason is, in the dream, I started driving a royal blue P.T. cruiser with a manual transmission (stick) and I’ve never seen or heard of one of these bad boys, but I found out today that a friend of mine has friends who used one of these very rare vehicles, at least in my mind, for transporting folks to church or something like that. Maybe I need to meet them for some reason, who knows with dreams.

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Linguistic Omphaloskepsis

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Ramble on….this post is going to be multi-layered and blend two-three threads at once like a bad Tarantino flick. I hope you can keep up.

Awhile back when I had turned into a Bible superhero I had decided to learn Hebrew, the language behind our modern day Bibles. There is so much more color and form in the Hebrew than there is English. Sort of like Ravioli out of a can vs. Ravioli at a 5 star restaurant. Just more flavor ya know?

I would recall reading something in English and kind of going …. yawn on some of the stuff – particularly the geneaology. However, unlike English – in Hebrew every name has meaning. Think Dances with Wolves for a second to get the idea.

In addition, even though English is the lingua franca now a days, I also wanted to learn other languages – Czech for example – so I could really impress a bunch of old beer slamming men from my home town. I had a strong suspicion that Hebrew would help with learning other languages. Just call it a gut instinct – something to do with there perhaps being a pre-Atlantean language that was largely unified.

I started out by working on the Hebrew alphabet and what not. Then eventually realized – this ain’t happening. It will take me forever to learn the language this way. It doesn’t work the way my brain works.

I found something called the Ancient Hebrew Research Center. After reviewing the materials I found out the basis for much of our language makes sense. It almost looks like the Hebrew language was architected even rather than going through evolutionary cycles. Most of it …. makes sense unlike English which seems to have 100000000 gaziliion million trillion arbitrarily defined rules for engagement and spelling.

As I continued this path, I found a book calle “The Word”. It is a Hebrew-English dictionary with a twist. It looks at the Hebrew roots behind the English word.

To get a better understanding – in the King James – it talks about he mercy seat over the ark of the covenant. Some of you may remember the Ark from one of the Indiana Jones flicks. The word behind the Mercy seat was the Hebrew word KPHR – KOPHAR …. or … our English word  “Cover”.

Well, it seems that much of our language indeed most languages can trace their ancestry to common roots I am starting to discover. What this means is that I can leverage this to learn the basis languages – Hebrew, Indian, perhaps a bit ancient Greek, and Egyptian here and there to learn other languages.

As I continue down this path, I find myself developing a rather sad yet curious ability. You may recall the movie Star Gate and the scientist named Daniel Jackson who could read various ancient (ancient -from the Hebrew word NOSHUN or NOSHENET!!) languages. Well, as I browse the internet looking at various ancient texts / artifacts I find myself able to “read” to some degree what would otherwise look like gibberish from old rock paintings and what not. I find it somewhat surreal. Whoooahh… I’m reading freakin proto-Hebrew script. How exactly did I get here again?

This is truly amazing though if you stop and think about. If one puts ones mind to it, the Internet has allowed commoners like me to learn ancient languages if they so choose in a reasonable amount of time.  I imagine previously that one would have had to decide to be in a career along those lines.

For my next project, I plan to learn Egyptian Heiroglyphs. Maybe not. Actually, I did start looking into that and found that I may be able to link some Hebrew to ancient Egyptian. Our word for hour, for example, comes from the Egyptian God Horus.

Where does this start to glue together into the big picture of my search for the inner kingdom? Well, you see I have discovered Christian linkages to the ancient savior gods going all the way back to Egypt. That troubled me at one point, but then I found other things. At this point I have concluded that our beloved Jesus was real, but the Romans stole him and turned him into a pagan god at some point. Until I get into the inner kingdom that lies within, I have to rely sole on my analytical abilities.

The thing is – even the pagan god stories were often allegory for deeper truths that talk about how our minds work and how to grow spiritually – yet in the olden days the priests kept all the good stuff to themselves. That was what was so big about Jesus. He usurped that whole system. It used to be that the priests would have these temple prostitutes getting nailed by men… sucking out their vital life force (look up new age stuff) and then use it themselves to control various nature gods…  so what is wild… and this totally freaks out my western mind .. is that there were actual entities running around that could be controlled and what not.

There are even places today in certain parts of Ireland where similar stuff – minus the prostitution – still works on crops and what not. I guess it is the “belief” / intention that gives the life force away into this world and allows the prayers to impact this world to some degree. I always wondered why someone could pray to Buddha or the Dali Lhama and still get results.

Anyway, as part of my search to gain a better understanding of these things I felt it would be necessary to understand ancient cultures. The god Jupiter wasn’t about a god named jupiter to the inner circle of cool kids, but instead a part of our own mind and perhaps even…. the higher self… that bright tunnel of light often mentioned in near death experiences. You get it ? Allegory for deeper stuff that is actually within? Have you ever thought about where your thoughts come from?  I have. Think about it. Really… where do they come from? Are they random? Are they a function of electrical signals? You’re tuning out… please .. hang with me a bit longer…..

Now let me tell you about another experience. When I was in college I recall cruising through a library at break neck speed. All of a sudden…… something told me to STOP. I did…and as I turned to the right…. there it was.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

It freaked me out a bit. Puzzled. What is this nonsense. Why am I suddenly stopping here? Where did that thought come from? Puzzled. I look at it. I have fear. The book stares at me. I flashback to high school for a minute.

A classmate of mine from high-school used to discuss this book with me – her name was Theresa. We would joke about this particular book for some reason. It was a joke then, but here was this joke suddenly coming into the fore front of my mind again out of nowhere. I recall us labelling this particular work as being evil and I have no idea why. It was what we were taught I suppose.

Puzzled again… I cruise on and think about this book no more for about 10 years, but here I am trying to uncover the 10 commandments and lo and behold… I find linkage to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Great. I’m thinking… okay either everything I have been told is a lie or… there is an even bigger picture. So I investigate.

It is a much bigger picture than I could possibly imagine, yet after much investigation.. within a short while.. I very quickly realize that it would take many many many lifetimes to get the answers I seek using this approach. My approach is flawed. I need a bigger brain and faster reading ability to pull this off… or I need to tap into something bigger. I decide the latter approach is the best. If Jesus could read minds, why can’t I dang it. He said we would do greater things anyway. Don’t put baby in a corner.

This whole Book of the Dead thing.

I start to connect the dots from my childhood…  questions… questions … why some people are born with a “calling” and others are not. Why are some born with psychic gifts and others are not. Why is there always one moron in every class?

The picture is forming. I was a student of astronomy from a young age. In kindergarten I could explain the water vapor cycle and by 2nd great was explaining the intricacies of red and white blood cells to my aunts who were 10 years my senior.

I started analyzing my past. As a child it would have been more pure. These thoughts I have now… they are impacted and often shaped by what I have been taught, experienced, read, or seen on TV perhaps. As a child it is pure. I figure that some of it must have come from whatever former lives I may have had, but still can’t remember. I mean really…. what on God’s green earth would cause a 5 year old to want to learn about astronomy of all things? It doesn’t add up. My dad wasn’t into that nor was anyone I knew. It seemed random. Why did I decide to learn the Greek alphabet and study other ancient alphabets as a kid? You see what I’m getting at? It doesn’t make sense for a kid in this culture to be almost drawn to stuff like that like a bug to a light bulb.

I start going through various memories and the dots start coming together. This whole search for truth I have been on for the last 2.5 years starts to make sense as I connect all the dots… sort of like realizing that the basis for your native tongue is actually Hebrew though very few know this. I recall seemingly small events that shaped where I am today.

These lifetime type events spiralling into my now, are now occurring on a daily basis. Those dots formed over my entire life now seem to happen almost daily.

Synchroncity is the term. Out of the blue coincidences that seem ordained from somewhere beyond this world.

I have a friend of mine that happens to have synchronicity events whenever she converses with me for an extended period. In the new age they might say that we are vibrationally similar or something. Anyway, this friend tells me that now events in her life are happening in a synchronistic fashion. That is … out of the blue coincidences that most of us tend to ignore. Well, if you start to pay attention to them instead of just going.. that was weird….. stuff can start happening. By stuff, I mean weird coincidences that get you started towards your purpose in life – your calling as it were.

Just for examples, and this is on the level of  parlor tricks…..but… this is what I have gotten so far:

I called a dolphin. What you say? Yes I did. The hell you say. For proof, It’s on film. I was at Sea World with my kids. There are dolphins, but I want one to come up close for my kids. The dolphins keep going round and round but won’t come up. There are hundreds of people around the pool where they are at. I say to myself. I wonder if I can call the Dolphin using my mind powers. It’s worth a shot and it’s not like anyone is ever going to know about this (until now) and think I’m crazy. Let it go……. let go… let’s try this.

So.. in my mind, I picture the dolphins coming over to my kids and then I starting saying… “here dolphin dolphin dolphin” in my head. A couple minutes later…. one dolphin comes up and hangs out by my kids….. just my kids… for like 5 minutes. It was long enough for me to wonder if it was going to leave sort of like massive head wound harry of the Saturday night live ilk.

On the way home…. I’m thinking… whatever man.. that was just coincidence. Trying to talk myself out of it. It was just chance. That’s the ego talking I guess.

So I decided to perform a little thought experiment again. My kids are in the back of the car… and I start saying to my son in my head… Candy. Candy. Candy.

Over and over I say this to him…. in my head. I try to go easy with it. Don’t force it. Let it go.

A minute later…. Daddy… pull over I want some candy.

I caution you. He hasn’t ever done this.

Where did my son’s thought come from? Was it random? Was the Dolphin random? What about the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

For the record and so that this is balanced, I also tried “Brocolli Brocolli”, but he didn’t say “Daddy pull over and get me some Brocolli”, so take it for what it is worth. I do know that he has never done that though. Maybe he was vibrationally aligned with candy 🙂

This is where the plot thickens. Stuff like this is natural for all of us I have read; however, we have been taught to dismiss it. As though… the universe isn’t in the mind of God anyway.

Well, as we look at the scriptures.. in a variety of religious platforms we start to realize…. they are all saying the same thing just differently. For the Jesus crowd, think of it differently… yes Jesus was real, but…. the scriptures had enough mishistory to make one question. Jesus was a Nazirine… it was a vow….. not a town yo. Look it up. Anyway, Jesus would have been allegory on some levels for the prophet within you…. that God spark within all of us see?

When you start to really zoom in, we will find that our minds start to open and stuff like my fun with the Dolphins is a byproduct of that at times.  I now know why I had a strange affinity for the Miami Dolphins when I was younger 🙂

At this point, if you are traditional / fundamentalists – you may have alarm bells going off, yet there is a part of you that is longing to know more. A sort of internal conflict if you will. I can relate what I describe as a fear of this stuff at first. Do not go near the forbidden zone as in Planet of the Apes. Yet, the more I dig… the more exciting this becomes and the more boring regular life becomes. Jesus had said that he came to bring us life… and life abundantly. I think this is a start. do you think he was lying? What about the mysteries Paul was referring to? What about the milk of the gospel?

Yet, we must live in the world, but be apart from it. I’m thinking that means with each moment – play out the role you are in, but… think about each choice… consciously. Think. Love.

Are those your thoughts or did they come from somewhere else?

Something to think about anyway.

Accupuncture – Second Treatment

Monday, September 29th, 2008

So I went into the “doctor” for accupuncture this last Friday. The place had a wonderful energy to it. It just “feelt” good to be there, unlike a traditional doctor’s office. They perforated my body violently with little needles – well I couldn’t even feel them. The doctor checked my blood pressure before and after. It went up. Haha. He then tries to use the manual machine to suggest that the automatic is now lying. My skeptic radar starts to go off. Not good.

I am getting another treatment of accupuncture today for the ol’ bloodpressure.  The guy says he is going to treat some additional meridian points. No noticable effect after this weekend, but I’d like to continue this little experiment.

One of the things  I noticed in this particular chiropractic clinic is that they love to emphasize the word “doctor”. I will go get the “doctor”. The “doctor” will be with you shortly. It is very subtle, and perhaps I am projecting, but I sense the elevation of the word doctor because perhaps someone at this particular organization either has some insecurity about the dimensions of their reproductive organs or …. being called a doctor. I am not sure which.

Theta Waves and Fire

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

I read somewhere that by coincidence….perhaps… our fire can flicker at about the same rate as the “theta” brain wave pattern. Maybe that’s why campfires are so relaxing?

Football Helmet Filled with Cottage Cheese

Friday, August 15th, 2008

The movie Airheads (below) had this one scene where the guys were asked by the police what their set of demands were for the hostage situation layed out in the movie. Anyway, not knowing what to do and trying to stall the police – the fearless leader included a “Football Helmet filled with cottage cheese” as one of the many items on the list of demands. It was designed to buy time. I have been starting to suspect ever so increasingly that some of our prayers work in perhaps a similar way. That I know that I know that I know feeling – when you know that a prayer has been answered. Sometimes various triggers are used to inspire the belief regardless of religions. Candles from Jesus’ tomb, a bone fragment, some ritual, or whatever. I suspect that creation of the belief is what matters to impact change in the world – or an answered prayer.


Friday, August 15th, 2008

“All I really needed to learn I learned in kindergarten. Don’t move. Sit still. Shut up. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t make waves. Don’t ask questions. Follow orders. Accept your lot in life. Follow the path chosen for you. Please others. Ask permission first. Keep up with the Joneses. Follow trends. Aspire to the norm. Stay inside the lines. Eyes on your own paper. Never switch position. Accept and employ categorization. Don’t attract attention. Keep your head down and your eyes shut. Do not attempt to make changes. This has all been preordained. Don’t take a chance. Ignore your conscience. This is all there is. Remain silent. Obey.”

Author Unknown

God’s Humor?

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Milk chemistry indicates that the donkey is man’s closest relative.’- (Morris, Henry M., The Twilight of Evolution, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1967).

Flying Circus

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

So… I had joked around about this awhile back, that is putting chips in one’s head to access the Internet, global encylopedia’s of knowledge, etc.  I said I would wait until version 2.1 to get my brain implant to work out all the bugs… well in this case, I guess it is helping folks, but I can’t  help but wonder what the “they” will think up next such as wireless embedded Internet chips that bypass your visual cortex and show real time sports scores or something. Let’s think about this in practice though…

Bob, hold on a second I’ve gotta reboot my brain implant….blank stare. Spaces out. Starts dancing like Bettie Boop.

Okay, now what were you saying?

Based on the article, it looks like we’re only another 50 years off maybe, eh? What messed with me though is – we’ve already got chips in the head, but we still don’t have flying cars. I’ve always wanted a flying car. Vroom. It has been promised for over 50 years now, and we still don’t have flyin cars. Dang. Someday, at least, we’ll be able to browse the Internet wirelessly through brain implants.. this could bare startling implications for the mark of the beast folks.

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