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Dream Lab

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Went to Defcon and saw the sleep lab.

Kvasar Dream Mask

Vegetable for Brains

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Apparently, eating vegetables and fruits does not necessarily make one a vegetable:

If this article is correct, then the Obama’s would agree that vegetables and fruits are a good thing:

Of course, if they decide to make a healthy smoothy, they may need a good blender:

Rosh Cleaning

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

The head of the Jewish new year is coming. They celebrate in a couple days. I’ll be celebrating this coming Friday whenever at the first new moon. It is a time to toss out the old and clear out for the new. Since it is headed into autumn, we will have a decline in the male energetic aspects of life. The new moon representing a time for new birth, growth, etc. Combining these two can make a powerful statement to our little earth bound minds.

Thus far I have given the bathroom, my bedroom, and am in the process of giving the kitchen a complete cleansing. This means taking all the dishes out and running through the dishwasher, scrubbing the shelves, and I’m even painting the walls. By working with this, I am in fact – working with my mind. I took some hot water, sea salt, peppermint oil, lemon juice, and a bit of ammonia and scrubbed the walls first. It feels like cleaning a part of one’s soul.

In preparation, I’m planning to go on a raw veggie diet this week and have been cleaning my house. There is a reason that we get a good feeling after cleaning and the symbolic nature of this holiday is the perfect time for such things. I plan to give away some of my old stuff. To “let go” of something I hold near and dear to my heart. It is a favorite shirt of mine. It will be difficult to part with, but it must be released.

There are some other things that must be released as well. They have to do with old habits, situations, and maybe even relationships. How then can I allow for the new to come in, if I am still holding onto the old?

By the way, the Rosh in Rosh Hashanah (spelling) is from the Hebrew letter R. The Hebrew letter R looks like a pictograph of someone’s head in older more ancient writings (see Head of the year.

WILD Dream Intepretation

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I’ve had several dreams about my estranged wife over the last couple days. These are not new, but what is new is I am trying to learn how to better intepret my dreams and apply meaningful data in waking life.

It is challenging. I’ve gotten to where I record details about my life and what and how my day went before I went to bed. This include what I ate, who I spoke with, what about, my feelings, the weather, the moon cycle, etc. I record this data to determine what made it into my dreams as a result of something that happened during the day. By doing this, I now remember my dreams most mornings.

For example, the other day I had a dream that I was in Sydney Australia with a number of people following me off the main area in Sydney. I recall passing by a road work crew that was operating gas powered weed eaters similar to how it is done in Texas. We had to proceed very slowly through the road work area. Eventually, it was just my estranged wife and myself. We were headed towards a long up hill road. I revved up our motorcycle and went down the valley as fast as I could because I knew we’d barely have enough power to get to the top. She was holding onto my back. As we approached the top, the motorcycle had to be abandoned and this time she was holding onto my back as I climbed the road “wall”.  I felt my muscles getting tired and so I asked her to climb over me – using me as a bit of a stepping stone to get to the top. She still didn’t have enough ummmph, so I pushed her little bottom over and she made it to the top. I was able to follow her over onto the hill. We then went to see my grand parent’s on my mother’s side.

There were other details and this was one small part of an epic dream, but I thought it would serve as a good example of the confusion that a dream can bring. I had a “flash” of a trip to Australia I had taken a couple years ago the day before this dream. It brought up an old memory. I’m not sure why this trip to Oz came to the forefront of my mind, but it manifested in my dream later on. The point being that sometimes things you think about or talk about will show up in the dream. I suppose it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is irrelevant to your life at all if you were to consider all of life one big allegory, but you get the idea. That is one class of dream phenomenon. Daily events manifesting.

Another type may be global stream of consciousness.

Sometimes, I’ve had dreams that were “prophetic” or at least tapped into the global stream of consciousness somehow. For example, one night I dreamt that I was in the custody of some Chinese generals who were wanting to extract military secrets out of Americans about nuclear power and such. The next day on the news – there was a major story about China and some plot to steal such secrets. So that might be fairly obvious as just being tapped into the part of us that is bigger than ourselves. The part of us that is made from the same atoms that our neighbor is made from (scientists say our bodies change all cells every 7 years or so), that earth is made out of, that the universe is made out of. Yet we are still individua too.

Another type may be problems or messages from parts of you outside your normal waking mind.  So let’s take a look at this dream I had about my beloved. On the surface, this one seems like a snap. Keep going. It is going to be a long hard road. You are carrying her, that is your job. You may have to give her a little nudge to get to the top.

Yet, the real question becomes: “Is this just wishful thinking?”. I’ve made love to my wife a few times over the last year in a dream, but that certainly hasn’t happened lately.

Are sometimes these things just desires that are manifesting in a dream world? How to discern a desire vs. a message and more importantly who or what would the message be from?

I’ve been told that when the solution to a dream is found – it will be as though an “ahah” moment comes to you. What if i take this one step further and ask: “What does my estranged wife represent within me?”. Let’s move beyond my standard mantra of beloved wife come home, to the bigger picture. The part of us that has the same atoms as those used to form the planet Pluto.

Could she represents the loss of my feminine side?Perhaps my intuitive, non linear thinking side is underdeveloped and atrophied?

If I treat my house as allegory for what is missing in my soul, I’ll note that I am in a big 5 bedroom house, living with a Pastor who is a monk, no family, and no wife – no feminine touch. The top of the hill we were scaling had to be reached by going through the land down under, passing through much work and construction, eventually going up a high road, and after shedding much weight to reach the pinacle, we went and visited my grandparents house at the top.

As I write this out, suddenly I have that “Ahah” moment. The grandparents at the top of the  mountain / plateau are those on my mom’s side (female). One has been suffering from Alzheimer’s and the other has passed. These both represent a part of me that has been lost over the years. My inner feminine side perhaps? Although I can’t be a female, I can at least work on those aspects of myself.

On the day of Sept 10 -11, I kept seeing syncros with regard to memory, remembering, etc.

With dreams, it would seem that if there were a message, it would not tell you that which you already know. I know I want my wife back. What I did not know, was that parts of me were lost.

As my wife and I were in the home of my maternal grandparents, they allowed us to borrow something. It was cash or something I think.  The dream continued on….. and moving on from dream interpretation to invoking Lucid Dreams.

I read a book called Advanced Lucid dreaming. It explained so much that would have taken me years to understand on my own (all of this is part of my efforts to enter the Kingdom described under Luke 17:21).

I had went to bed last night around 11ish and had taken some supplements. Holy Basil, Gaba, and Valerian root to knock me out. I woke up around 3ish and took a very small amount of an herbal supplement called yohibmine. I was going to try the WILD technique for inducing Lucid dreams. As I lay there, eventually my eyes were closed and I wasn’t sure if I was sleeping or was still awake – meaning I wondered if my body fell asleep.

I kept my eyes closed so as not to waste the 20 minutes or so of careful consciousness maintenance of keeping my mind awake as my body fell asleep. The slightest amount of light would reset the whole process. Eventually I decided that it wasn’t working so I kept my eyes closed and tried to get out of bed. The covers were wrapped around me and I had to struggle a bit to get them free from me. Finally freed of the covers I walked to the middle of my room and looked around. I thought to myself “Am I dreaming?”. I tried to verify by jumping. Gravity was still in effect. Suddenly though, I feel the haziness of dream world setting in and that feeling of losing control. My consciousness fades and I find myself awakening a few seconds later with the covers still on. Nice and tidy.

Fun.  The good news is that I was successful at first attempt and I didn’t even use the supplements recommended by the book. I had to do some substitutions.

Man on Wire

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Since it is September 11 I figured I would watch a movie to remember that day.

It was called Man on Wire.

I really enjoyed this movie. It seemed to say a lot about life.  Poetry.

11:22 – 11:11 444 555 777

Friday, September 11th, 2009

I periodically see messages on various Internet dicussion forums on the subject of numerical sequences popping up into their life. Often this is the 11:11, or 1111, 1234, 12:12, 444, 222, etc. This has happened to me a great deal and I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. The message below is my response to individuals experiencing similar things. I am refining this as I go.

Although I can not give you specific answers, for those lie within you, I thought that I could at least share something that may help.

Similar to your 222, the pattern, 1122, had followed me around off and on for about a year or so; however, I was unable to discern a potential connection until last November.

Last year, near election day 2008 I had a sort of gut feeling to go to the store which required walking about half a mile. On the trip, I KNEW that something was coming – a message as it were. I can’t explain how, but it was that sense of knowing that something was about to happen. I went and bought some grape juice and then stopped by the voting center. My thoughts centered on karma / abortion as I was contemplating the various options for voting. I found out I was unable to vote in the local election, but was able to vote in the national election. I then headed out back the way I came still pondering secondary and tertiary karmic implications of various decisions one could make in an act as simple as voting. A train horn blared and soon the train had arrived. As often occurs in life, I was forced to stop and observe.

As the train passed, I was studying the graffiti. Towards the end of the train, a car came by with the number 1122 painted on it. Suddenly I KNEW what I was here for had been delivered. This car was immediately by another car with big letters saying KARMA. In a bit of mental recall, suddenly the events of the last year replayed in my head and I had noted that there often seemed to be key decisions coming up or opportunities to “turn the other cheek” and invoke positive karma or to take the road more traveled and invoke negative karma whenever the sequence 1122 would pop up again. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of such laws until only recently 🙂

Most of this occurs for me in the external – not the internal. The only time I recall something happening in the internal was I in sort of “peaced out” state of mind early in my quest / seeking and was at the time sort of talking to myself in my head – I think. I had asked a question of a pseudo internal “oracle” and was trying to distinguish between talking to myself, vs. the possibility that I may actually be hearing what is sometimes called the still small voice, what is called a guide or an angel, or perhaps it was just a stray dis incarnate spirit messing with me, or if I was really lucky – maybe dialogue from my higher self. Pick your poison.

Anyway – I asked a question and received an answer that was rather specific.

I asked to verify the authenticity of this message to make sure I wasn’t just talking to myself and as such issued a challenge question to verify. My challenge question was “In what year was Kennedy assassinated?” It was a question that the answer was not present in my conscious mind, though I’m sure I would have read the date of that at some point in my life so it would have been in there somewhere -I just wouldn’t have been able to pull it up in a million years. Stated another way, it wasn’t a year that I just happened to know off the top off my head – much less the date. I went and looked it up.

Chills went up my back when I found out that he was shot on 11/22 1963. I then looked up more information and later found out that the Kennedy story could be tied to the Lincoln assassination and how eerily close the details were. Granted, they could have been making “the pieces fit”, but still these two assassinations do look eerily similar. The message of Kennedy and Lincoln seems to be what I may call a karmic loop – sort of like a bad episode of Star Trek where they are too near a disruption in the space time continuum or that movie Groundhog Day. The way I understand it, someone has to turn the other cheek eventually in order for the loop to stop.

For me then, the meaning in both the external and the internal 1122 for me would be an indication that a karmic decision is approaching – be on guard – be prepared to absorb some darkness, followed by light if one makes the right decision. However, given that I have yet to make it into “spirit” and converse with any entities I would consider reliable, this could still very well be a guess and I have read differing reports as to the meaning of such things.

Ultimately, the point of my message is that perhaps you could try similar techniques and test procedures to arrive at your own conclusion instead of relying on someone else. There are a variety of support groups out there for this sort of thing that like to reference channeled entities and such, but over time I’ve found them lacking and inconsistent. Just like with dreams, perhaps sometimes it is just you manifesting things as part of a mental game and other times it is an actual message -and a dream dictionary is probably going to be just as worthless for your dreams as am “Angelic Numbers” book would be for this in your situation. 

Keeping a journal may assist you with deciphering some of this. Of course, there is that nasty habit of the Universe always adapting and changing that may make this game a bit more challenging.

I hope some of this helped.



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