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Hidden Johnny Apple Seed

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I read an article today and in the past which talks about “live” food being the best in terms of energy. This would mean sprouted beans, etc.

Well, how about sprouted apples (picture below)?  The apple I had for mid-morning snack had sprouted seeds inside. Mmmm… should I eat them? I decided to plant them instead.


I have the seeds saved in a paper towel and plan to grow them as part of further development of my feminine side?!?! It is really about all that I can do right now since me wife has bailed.

I’ve put some more pictures of my garden below. This tomato plant is starting to get the black death from too much water. The other things are really taking off though.



Growing plants and gardening may be a way to help develop aspects of oneself that are missing or where one does not have an available catalyst (i.e., a wife).  This may even be an analogy for the “seed essence” of the soul that is within each of us.  Yes, all of this from one little apple.

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