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[S]ynchronicity, [M]arriage, and [S]ex.

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Well, some interesting things have happened lately as far as increasing of syncros and such. A syncro is a coincidence of personal significance or a coincidence that rises way above the level of chance forcing the poor recipient to either think he has gone crazy or to say…….. “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt ….. what do you waaaaaaaaant from meeeee??????” in a shrill banshee voice. I’m kidding about the crazy part…. no.. really kidding about the banshee part. That was fun.

Back to syncros, sometimes I blabber things up a bit in my writing, so I thought I would include this handy video to explain what I am talking about:

Around May 21, 2009 – every where I looked, the number 333 would show up. Clocks, receipts, license plates – all day long. I wasn’t sure what to make of this and am still not. I even woke up at 3:33 AM that morning. Think something was trying to tell me something?

I had mentioned awhile back that I had hired an astrologer. Well, anyway she told me that “Mercury was going retrograde” during the month of May, which would generally mean that this could manifest as communications getting messed up, wires crossed, computers/traffic etc. would have problems, opportunities to review past, and that it was VERY likely that I would run into people I hadn’t seen in awhile. Well, my computer did get infected with spyware, and tons of people I hadn’t heard from made contact with me with such messages as “Blast from the Past”, or people I have emailed for about a year now never bothering to respond – all of a sudden wrote back, etc. It was a wild experience to see again, the “astro” influences. Come on man, the moon affects women every single month and you whether you like it or not – your system as well. Get over the weirdness of this. I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of quackery going on in this space, but that there is something to this. It may be an art more than a science though. Want something to really freak you out? In the writings of Josephus, he noted the astrological signs being on the adornments of the temple prior to its destruction in 70 AD. Why would the temple have astrological stuff on it? Think mister.

For some time I had held that the butterfly was a symbol for me to “keep” going due to a prayer I had held late one evening. Without fail, just about every time I have thought of quitting, butterflies would randomly show up not much longer. This was sort of an event that I guess I wound up hardwiring into my psyche / your thoughts become your world engine, that invariably produces butterflies when I get hopeless. I had a bizarre dream last night (well all my dreams are bizarre). In this dream, I hugged my wife around her stomach as she was loading up our kids in a mini-van. She was friendly and contemplated coming home, but not right now. It was weird holding her once again. Felt nice. My little teddi-bear I suppose. Well, later on in the dream, I was driving my car and a butterfly became attached to the wind-shield. I recalled thinking… dude, I need to get a picture of this so people will believe me and not think I’m making this stuff up. So I broke out the iPhone and was trying to take a picture while driving. This dream was quite vivid, but not the most vivid I have ever had. I thought it was real enough, that there I was gathering evidence for my blog in which I am now writing. Unfortunately, pictures taken of butterflies using the dream version of my iPhone, are difficult to merge into this reality. Dang! I thought it was funny.

Moving on, the other thing is that I had mentioned “Living Scriptures”. In that our very lives are scriptures. In general, we Americans don’t see things this way. To borrow from the movie, Pulp Fiction, “I’m an American, our names don’t mean sh**”. Despite cultural filters built into my mind, I saw an interesting pattern yesterday and today. On Sunday, I was over at my mother in law’s house and we we began discussing our various marital challenges, the song “Burning Down the House” came on by the Talking Heads. My mom calls me up Monday and informs me that her house got broken into. I’m trying to understand the significance of this event in her own life and mine, and as I am sitting there thinking, that song “Burning Down the House” comes into the forefront of my mind. A couple seconds later, mom says – this is a life changing event, but not as significant as when my house burned down that time. Queue Twilight Zone music. Well, it’s not that unreasonable and at this point, pretty much could be chalked up to randomness. Well the day proceeds.

The next day, I get sent some emails from a friend of mine. I felt drawn to read one. Here is the link and an excerpt:

If an employee was having a bad day, Jerry was always there, telling him how to look on the positive side of the situation.

My mom called me up again at the same time I was reading this  email. What I found interesting was that several times during the conversation she would say the words as I was reading them… for example she would say I’m just going to be positive, it could have been worse right as I was reading the italicized words above. This happened two or three times. Now, I don’t know if this was some crazy mother-son psychic connection thing going on, was planned by higher power(s), or was just something I’m reading way too much into, but the emotional effect was very similar to the Volkswagen commercial above – which you should really watch.

As this proceeds, I think how ironic that I am reading about a guy who got robbed as my mom is describing how she got robbed. I wonder to myself, was this planned from above? What is the spiritual significance again? What is the living scripture here?

On Monday June 1, 2009 – Shohn’s mother’s home was broken into by thieves coming to rob and pillage anything of immediate value. They avoided the antiques and the check books, but they looked for cash in the mattresses and took easily transportable electronic equipment used for entertainment and work. My mother has contacted the higher authorities including the local sheriff’s department and it appears that her insurance will cover the loss. She has not had anything this shocking happen since her house burned down.

What is the relation of our home to higher meaning? Our home – our place of safety, being defiled by marauders? Is this allusion to our spiritual house being broken into by thieves as well, or is it just some drug starved teenagers robbed her 🙂

I wonder if her house would have had problems on her astrological chart. It would have been her 4th house I imagine. Too bad I don’t know her birth time.

As I contemplate all of this, I look over at my radio and note that it is playing a song from the Hail to the Thief album, by Radiohead.

Weird eh? Now the ordinary person would probably look at something like this and dust him or herself off and go on about his or her life, not unlike our friends in the VW commercial above. I guess I’m losing some of my American culture, as I see something signifanct here, though I don’t know what it is yet.

Pay attention!

Last Wednesday I went dancing with a friend of mine. During this event I read an article in Time magazine about the revival of “predestination” – a theological tenant that makes no sense to me. I read the article and then awhile later, my friend and I begin to converse about spiritual things. She eventually begins to speak about “predestination”. I find it somewhat odd, but go on about my business and continue to listen. I give her my more esoteric points of view and then we move on to more important things like orphaned stray cats she takes care of and some pastor she was having problems with. The next morning as I arise from my slumber, I am drawn to open the book “Last of the Mohicans”sitting in my closet. I’ve never read this book, though it is on the to-do list. I turned it directly to page 134, and there it is talking about “predestination”. Twilight music…

Other events, on Friday of last week a friend of mine emails me about some lady named Ruth – a counselor with whom she was dealing.  Awhile later, a woman from the tax appraisal office calls me up to discuss my protest of the taxes on my house. Her name is Ruth. Later on this weekend, a pastor buddy of mine connects with me and says we are to do a Bible study from the book of Ruth on Pentecost. He goes on to inform me that it is one of the biggest days because of the marriage, Moses, the Spirit coming, on and on. I tend to view the scriptures in a much more allegorical sense now, but am able to take away much of what he is saying as valuable once I look at it from an allegorical sense as well. Ruth.

Finally, after all this – we get to the big cheese. 777. What? Well around March of this year, something happened with this bible passage jumping out:

Mat 7:7  “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Awhile later, July 7th is magnified on the calendar and a bit later a woman in need calls up asking for help to pay a bill. She needs $77.

Weird, eh? Well it gets weirder. Over the next week or so this number 777 starts showing up. I start thinking one day.. man I don’t know, I’m probably  just going crazy. This is so stupid.   As I conclude this thought, a car turns the corner and on its license plate are the numbers 777. Chills.

I forget about this for a while and then it comes to the forefront of my mind again when leaving work in April. I had a friend with me at the time and I told him how weird it would be if the 777 license plates showed up again. They did in full force. I saw two on the way home, and there was one parked across from my house when I got home. I’m  thinking what are the odds. Play Texas lottery!

I forget about this for a bit and then it comes to my mind again. This time though and unlike my butterfly in my dream, I am able to capture this unicorn:


Hopefully, it is clear enough for you to see. 777 baby.

Well I asked my astrologer what sort of influences and energies we had coming up, particularly in the area of my love life. I wanted to know whether to fish or cut bait basically because I was getting frustrated again, but I didn’t want to lead my astro chick on either. She gave some dates for likely influences and then said… July 7th is going to be a big one for you probably, Jupiter conjuncts with Venus. I don’t know. We shall see what unfolds.

Here is the cool part. Since you have read this, this stuff will probably start happening to you. I don’t know why it works that way, but every person I’ve interacted with about this stuff….. it starts happening to them

Now we have discussed [S]ynchronicity. There are other topics to discuss, namely, [M]arriage and [S]ex.

I’ve been learning recently that our definition of [M]arriage in a modern sense is not quite what it used to be. We now seem to enter into [m]arriage. I’m defining [M]arriage as the ideal case and [m]arriage as what our modern society does.

One is more spiritual in nature, a lifetime bonding – an agreement to spiritually raise one another, to remain true, and the other is a joke. I think I shall attempt to explain and underscore where we are getting it wrong, at least, as far as I understand it TODAY.

My fingers are tired, this shall be the subject of another article.

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