Lucid Dreams of a P.T. Cruiser

Well, I’ve had two Lucid dreams now since the holidays have ended. These dreams were so real, well, I thought it was real in my dream, yet I knew I was dreaming. Very fun stuff and yes cheaper than a movie. The movie industry will now have to hire all kinds of lobbyists to keep this cat in the bag. Free entertainment using one’s mind – what a concept.

I’ve recorded some of the other details offline, but I thought that this may help others who would like to travel the inner recesses of their own mind.

I’ve been vegetarian for almost 8 or 9 months now, and I noticed that by switching to that there was a marked improvement in the number of synchronization type events in my life (read about Carl Jung on google to learn more). I had a lucid dream about a week ago on the Sabbath, but wasn’t sure what caused it or if I could duplicate it. The conditions were eating spinach the day before and not much else, staying up much later than my usual time (i go to bed around 9 usually – this time I went to bed around 1), woke up at around 7 or so and walked around, went back to bed and was very WARM and cozy under the covers. I felt almost lethargic it was so cozy. The heat was cranked up a bit too. I had listened to something called Centerpoint, which is a meditation / trance induction mental enhancement type music, daily each night before.

I simply repeated each of the steps above and whammmo lucid dream again. Previously, I could never quite narrow down what caused them other than being really tired. Now I think I’ve found a way to trick the body into being tired.

At this point one of them seems to be tied to reality somehow, the reason is, in the dream, I started driving a royal blue P.T. cruiser with a manual transmission (stick) and I’ve never seen or heard of one of these bad boys, but I found out today that a friend of mine has friends who used one of these very rare vehicles, at least in my mind, for transporting folks to church or something like that. Maybe I need to meet them for some reason, who knows with dreams.

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