Transmigration of the Soul and Woman’s Health

I had a thought come to me the other day. It is a possible explanation as to why women tend to live longer than men. So here’s the thing – I have a sneaking suspicion that women typically marry men older than them. This may or may not be true, but from what I’ve read at least in more ancient accounts it was true.

So let’s say the idea of transmigration of souls is reality. It makes sense to me, but I’ve never been able to prove the truth within myself just yet, so it is purely intellectual at this point.

Anyway, if women tend to live longer than men and the natural tendency is for women and men who are married to remain locked into a karma loop until they both live out the divine pattern of man, woman, and child in harmony – then it would not be surprising for the man to die first so that he can then be re-implanted into a new body and given a couple years to grow before woman does the same.

I suspect that couples that actually have broken free of the karma loop are those that die within a couple days or months of each other.

This is all just a guess.

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