On my Knees

“There shall be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars.” Luke 21:25


Bunk. Of the Devil. Evil.

I used to think of such things as astrology as sheer nonsense. Utter and COMPLETE Foolishness. The more I study spiritual things, the bible, etc. the more I am learning about how much is in there about astrological stuff that we have been TOLD to ignore. That we have been lead to believe is evil, when it seems to be – just the opposite. Allow me to explain.

I’m not talking about horoscopes here. Those are bunk. I’m talking about “Real” astrology – which means charting stars, birth times, and coordinates. Things forgotten for thousands of years and ignored by our scientists who think this place just sort of sprang into being and that everything is random. The church isn’t helping much either as they seem to possess fragments of taboo from the dark ages still.

There seems to be some sort of cultural stigma – at least for me –  that has been preserved as a cultural taboo due to the dark ages. You know – grab your torch and pitchfork – there’s an astrologer – let’s get him…. raaaaaah. Or in another situation, someone may respond “Get behind me Satan!!!!!”.

Some of my spiritual mentors have informed me that it is actually one of many tools that can be used to “Know thyself”, which would be part of any descent spiritual exploration program. 

So I gave it a shot.

I hired a “professional” astrologer. Not one of these clowns on late night television mind you, but someone who is bonafide. Tried and true. I even used my limited powers of intuition to find the ideal astrologer, for me anyway.

I had to get my birth data. Apparently it is not recorded on my birth certificate so I had to contact the hospital. We got the birth time close until the hospital replies back with the actual time.

We did the best we could with my birth data, and already the results seem promising. She told me things about myself, about my personality, even about things buried deep down inside that I don’t talk about at cocktail parties. I tried to apply the things she was saying to other people I know and they weren’t matching so I figured that yeah, this was me and not some generality that I was wanting to believe. She was specific, but allowed for flexibility in how things MAY unfold.

She told me about my ability to piss people off without even trying. She told me about my knees even. My knees you say?

My knees started hurting about a month ago. Here we are sitting here going through the astrological chart and then the next thing you know she states – your knees are probably going to be hurting pretty bad for the next 6 months and should have started hurting recently. Have they? Gulp. Yes, they have actually. It is the strangest thing – I’ve never had problems with my knees.

She gave me a blue print of what COULD occur within my ongoing marital struggles and that it was likely that by the time my wife may want to come back, that I would no longer want the relationship. I was saddened by this.

She was very candid and wouldn’t allow me to lie to myself. Dang. She said that sometimes it is difficult to lay these things out exactly because things can be misread or misinterpreted, but gave some upcoming time frames for when things were more likely to change. When the tides were favorable so to speak and when they were not. Which direction the winds of change would be blowing and for how long.

We will see how it all plays out, but I think I am sold so far. She had me at the knees.

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