So I’ve put in several requests at for Reiki healing of my wife and hopefully restoration of our marriage and family. I’ve also been altering my prayers to be more visual in nature. I imagine us laying in bed together, on the beach as a family, putting her clothes back into our closet, etc and the emotions it generates. This comes forth from Mark 11:22.

Anyway, the last two-three weeks have been rough, but it may be getting better.

Also, got a tarot card reading and it basically said that we would fight for a bit, that she has someone else in the way, but it was God’s will for us to be together. I decided to start learning Reiki healing whatever that means and to focus on being the best man that I can be even more.

Someone told me recently that my relationship with my wife reflects my relationship with the Creator. Yeah, I know me and the Creator like to argue sometimes, but I didn’t think it was that bad – though it does make sense.

The trouble with these sort of things is that it is difficult to identify the source of the healing as she starts to act nicer.

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