Driving Miss Sun Crazy

I have heard that that every time Toyota has a problem with their financial situation they tend to throw the idea of a solar powered hybrid at the consumer. I had looked into purchasing one of these awhile back, but the math didn’t work out.

I still drive my ol 98 Toyota at almost 210,000 miles. It is paid off and I only drive about 30 miles to and from work each day. When I had done the calculations – even gas had gone up to almost $3.50 a gallon and I drove 100 miles a day – it was still cheaper to continue with my non-car payment Toyota. Gas is currently ~1.60 a gallon so…. no Toyota Prius for me. I even looked at the so called Tax Breaks and it wasn’t worth it.

They say on this link http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-9725898-1.html?tag=mncol;txt that the solar kit can add as much as 29% additional fuel efficiency. Gosh, if they’d make this in a biodesiel format, drop the price a bit, they’d sell millions of these little bugars if equipped with solar kit.

I guess it has been happening for years though. There is always some story about some guy who invented some magical way to get car to run 100MPG that then gets quietly eaten by the oil companies. In this case, is it just the fear of returned vehicles from damaged

That’s one thing, this may be related to my Alamo plan I had thought of some time ago. Alamo Plan? Well sort of a disaster recovery plan for my self and family.

Really, lots of folks are saying we are running out of time in terms of various 2012 theories, Edgar Cayce earth change theories, and the like. I’m all about preparation, but I want to be somewhat practical as well. The other day I spied two interesting things that could be used in concert to create the ultimate Alamo plan should the Earth get a bit nervous and want to go into upheaval as many have been saying for a couple thousand years now.

Never mind earth changes – what about plain old economic collapse? Perhaps we should look at the ol’ USSR as a model. It took them a good 20 years and it is still a bit of a mess.

So my plan basically consists of acquiring at some point:

1. A Truck / Van with Biodiesel / Vegetable Oil Capability
2. If it is a truck, getting one of those cool little campers on the back.

The idea is fanned by a couple of requirements. No matter what happens I would still need transportation somehow, and I’d need somewhere somewhat secure to lay my head.

I don’t want to live in a tent and I’d like some fuel diversity. This is a plan forming in my mind so it needs some work. I’ve been practicing taking cold showers for bathing, so hopefully I won’t need a hot water heater in my planned disaster recovery portable home.

Another option is to get a pop up trailer / camper, but I expect that it would be cost prohibitive as a Personal Disaster Recovery option.

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